We begin on a sad note, as Mom Davis passed away in October, a month short of her 92nd birthday.  She had suffered for the past seven years from a nasty form of dementia that left her faculties intact but robbed her of both short-term and long-term memories going back 30+ years.   We choose to remember her from the good old days, as a strong individual who soldiered on after Dad’s death almost 45 years ago, and who was a fine Grandma to five grandchildren and several grand-doggies.

On the other end of the circle of life, our grandson Arthur (who will be three in February) will be a big brother soon.  Amy and Raymond are looking forward to the birth of their second child in late March/early April. We are glad it’s not any earlier than that, as we have a kids, grandkid, spouses and boyfriends trip to Hawaii scheduled for early February.  Amy was the instigator for this trip, so it would have been ironic if she had to miss it!

Rebecca and Trevor put down roots in Bend, Oregon (where they have lived the past three winters) by buying a house there. They are looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year in lovely Bend looks like, and we look forward to more frequent visits down there as well.

Beth is now a real Seattleite, having moved into the city itself at the beginning of 2018.  She is in her second year as the school counselor at a local private high school. She is gone seemingly every other weekend on a fun trip to somewhere in either Washington, Oregon or British Columbia.  Ah, the life of a young millennial!

Stu has been slowly making acquaintances in the area.  He’s got a bunch of squash partners and this summer picked up a golf partner (nope, still not getting any better at that darn game!)    He’s also trying to catch up with Deb game-wise by taking bridge lessons. Stu babysits Arthur once a week while Amy volunteers, and is on-call for other baby-sitting assignments, most recently for Amy’s OB-and-sonogram appointments.

Deb is now pretty settled into her new job. During the year, the company changed its name from Oculus Research to Facebook Reality Labs, as they’ve expanded their scope beyond virtual reality to also include mixed and augmented reality research. If you want to know more about the lab’s work, you can check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7OpS7pZ5ok (about 1 hour 14 minutes in, the director of the lab gives his talk). Meantime, Deb also has found a few squash partners, and has started doing yoga.

As we write this, we are in the middle of renovation HE-double hockey sticks! The promise was two bathrooms in 6 weeks (2 weeks for the refacing of the hall bath; 4 for the renovation of the master). We are now 8 weeks in with no end in sight! Looks like we’ll be finished just in time for the kitchen reno (scheduled for February). However, all this work means that we’ll have brand new space for any visitors this coming year.  We’ve had more visitors since moving to Seattle than I think we ever did in Washington, and we’re loving it! Please do consider a vacation here – we have plenty of room and we’d love to see you.

We had a houseful when Deb’s siblings and some nieces/nephews were out for her nephew’s wedding (Ron’s second son, not in the picture!) this summer.  Pictured is Armando & sister Lisa, sister Maria & Steve, Amelia & Raymond, brother Rich & Deb, brother Ron & Joy, Deb & Stu, Beth, Trevor & Rebecca, nieces Jillian, Danielle, Daniela & Ariana.
Raymond, Amelia, Beth, Rebecca & Trevor @ the wedding
Deb @ the Seattle FB campus, where they have a “photo booth” that creates the visual illusion once you rotate the image.
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