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fMRI and PET data analyst


Bethesda, MD (Oct 2007 – May 2010)


Role Description

  •  Processed group PET and fMRI scans using SPM, AFNI, and FSL
  •  Investigated structural abnormalities in structural MRIs between patient groups (FSL and SPSS).
  •  Wrote tutorials for how to perform the lab’s work for the following intern
    •   How to pull fMRIs and PET scans off the main system
    •   How to reconstruct fMRI and PET data
    •   How to run an SPM fMRI analyses
    •   How to enter data into the updated lab database
  •  Helped run fMRI, MRI and PET experiments:
  •  Conducted phone screen calls to determine eligibility of participants
  •  Prepared testing area for experiments
  •  Escorted research participants through check-in, phlebotomy, testing
  •  Conducted WASI and other IQ related testing on research participants
  •  Ran functional MRI and PET experiments
  •  Updated and maintained patient database for the lab using MS Access

Work Samples

NIMH 2009 Retreat Poster

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