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Personal Project


UX Designer and Information Architect

Role Description

  • Created high-level mockups (see below) of proposed site, including
    • architecture
    • workflow
    • layout

Work Samples

The following is a re-design of a local adventure resort. I feel that they have a lot to offer, but the website is a little hard to navigate, which I feel could lose potential customers. The proposed changes would optimize the site IA, while presenting wanted information in salient places.

New Landing Page for category of “Other Activities”

This is a re-design of the current activity page. I stripped out a lot of the text that is currently there and provided more information to the guests up front.

I additionally split up the activities into 7 categories. At the moment users are presented all options in one overwhelming list, and this would break up the activities into more reasonable sections. This chunking can also facilitate users in finding activities that fit their group’s needs.

On the Land Example Page

Proposed New site IA

This new proposed site map re-organizes all the links into a much simpler and more navigable architecture. I’ve included a responsive menu for mobile users.

Generic Site IA

Our Rivers Landing Page (desktop version)

This design is for a new informational page. This would pull together a new FAQs section for guests new to rafting with basic information about the New and Gauley Rivers.

Our Rivers Example Page

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