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Woodsedge Apiary


Digital Designer and Developer (UX/UI)

Location and Dates

Remote (March 2016 – current)


Role Description

This project started when a good friend wanted to expand his business, but needed an updated website.

  • Pulled information from current site and Facebook page
  • Created high-level mockups (see below) of proposed site, including
    • architecture
    • workflow
    • layout
    • color scheme
    • branding
  • Began development on a WordPress site
  • Found the template “Treeson” for the layout and altered the pages using
    • plugins
    • custom HTML/CSS
    • theme options
  • Creating the site’s branding by
    • created the background using a SubtlePattern.com template
    • selected the site’s typography
      • Satisfy
      • IM Fell English
    • selected the color scheme
  • Created visual graphics for the landing page
    • Queen bee
    • Beehive
    • Honey Dipper

Work Examples and Process

Apiary Mockups

Landing Page (designed with responsiveness) and Site Architecture

Apiary Home Page

Queens Product Page

Apiary Queens

Graphics for Woodsedge
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