Woodsedge Apiary

Digital Designer
Remote (March 2015 – current)
  • Created high-level mockups (see below) of proposed site, including architecture, workflow, layout, color scheme, branding
  • Began development on a WordPress site using a theme, plugins, and custom code
  • Created the site’s branding
  • Created visual graphics for the landing page


Wells Fargo

Project Manager for UX Standards
San Francisco, CA (Nov 2013 – May 2015)

Project lead the update of 60+ UX standards for the Wells Fargo Wholesale UX Department complying with continuously-changing code base, new visual design branding, accessibility conformance, business requirements, and basic application architecture (with an emphasis on financial transactions and reports).

  • Created three templates to ensure consistency and maximize standard readability:
    • Components (code elements: buttons, checkboxes, date pickers)
    • Patterns (higher level layouts: search and results, reporting)
    • Articles (high level discussion pieces: selecting stuff, which container)
  • Organized and managed standards through multiple levels of approvals from multiple disciplines
  • Created a maintenance process to allow update of standards
  • Prototyped CEO Central (the standards site) architecture and layout using Balsamiq
  • Created UX standards use cases and user stories
  • Worked with Front-end developers to integrate different WordPress templates and functions


Pacific Science and Engineering (PSE)

User Experience (UX) Designer and Human Factors Engineer
San Diego, CA (Nov 2011 – May 2013)

Lead the UX re-design of naval weather applications (METOC and NEPOC), creation of aeronautic web application standards, and design of an interactive website to map PSE products against the DoD Acquisition Lifecycle.

  • Used the principles and methods of Human Factors and Human Systems Integration (HSI) to implement design specifications and requirements
  • Constructed low and high fidelity prototypes using Balasmiq, Powerpoint, and Visio
  • Conducted user assessments
  • Developed user interface design concepts


National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH)

fMRI and PET scan analyst
Bethesda, MD (Oct 2007 – June 2010)
  • Processed group PET and fMRI scans using SPM, AFNI, and FSL
  • Investigated structural abnormalities in structural MRIs between patient groups
  • Wrote tutorials for how to perform the lab’s work
  • Helped run fMRI, MRI and PET experiments
  • Updated and maintained patient database for the lab


GWU Physics Department

Physics Intern – particle physics analyst
Newport News, VA (June – Sept 2005 & 2006)
  • Investigated the re-scattering of the Sigma-* (1385) and K+ on the Proton, and the subsequent reactions, by processing high energy particle data.
  • My work additional  helped to provide data for research on particle color transparency.
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